LED Lamp Heads


TellCo Europe Sagl is supplying two main different types, the Standard LED Lamp Head 230VAC and the Double Butterfly Lamp Head 230VAC. Where the Standard LED lamp head has one high power LED system and the Double butterfly has two high power LED systems, which offer a larger opening angle of 150º. Both lamp heads are designed for immediate replacement of conventional lamp heads used on existing lighting poles. The Light colour temperatures available are between 2000K and 7000K.

Double Butterfly Lamp Head 230VAC

Consisting of two high power LED system 40W to 120W for applications where a large opening angle is required, for immediate replacement of conventional lamp heads. Light colour temperatures available between 2000K and 7000K.

Die-cast aluminium IP65 housing, anodic oxidation, resistant against UV radiation. High strength tempered glass cover. Easy installation on existing lighting poles, CE approved

LED Lamp Head is ideal for

Street lighting - Footpaths - Squares - Schools - Parks - Yards - Car parks - Factories

Key Benefits

- LED power available from 30W to 120W
- Unique Patented Systems
- Replace the existing high powered luminaries with LED Lights
- LED life expectancy 50.00hrs (+10 years)
- Low heat radiation
- More than 70% energy saving
- Latest LED Technology
- Increases the Quality of Life & Security

Other Advantages

- Waterproof standard IP65
- Single High Power LED (20W~100W)
- Easy to install with quick connect plugs – less than 1 hour
- Engineered for maintenance free operation
- LED Life expectancy +10 years

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