Solar LED Obstruction Lights


The Solar Powered Aviation Obstruction Light is available for medium-intensity and low-intensity. The use of a LED Bulb instead of traditional Tungsten halogen bulb will reduce maintenance costs.

The light starts working by flash mode or constant mode automatically when ambient brightness is lower than 500cd/m2. Both versions are designed for at least 7 days autonomy and Service life of LED  can reach an expected service life of 100 000 hrs.

The low-intensity version meets the FAA Standard L - 810 with a light intensity of ≥32.5cd and the medium-intensity version meets the FAA Standard L - 864 with light intensity of  ≥1600cd. For both versions the flashing rate can be set between 20 and 60 times per minute

Solar LED Obstruction Light is ideal for

Aviation warning lights on towers and buildings - Emergency Airfield Lighting - Airport - Power line - High obstacle - TV station

Key Benefits

- Expected service life of 100 000 hrs
- Meets FAA Standards for Medium and Low light intensity
- At least 7 days autonomy
- Works fully automatically
- Strong impact lamp shape made of PC material
- Strong corrosion resistance and UV protection
- Solar panel reaching at least 10 years service life
- Protection: Over- voltage, floating charge and temperature
- International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness
- Bird spike against bird drop

Other Advantages

- No line voltage, trenching, or metering
- No electrical charges
- Battery back up for cloudy days
- Immune to power outages
- Easy to install
- Engineered for maintenance free operation
- Max wind speed/load: >180km/hour

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