Solar Off-Grid Electricity Solutions


With an off-grid solar system, all of the electricity needed is produced on-site and stored in a battery bank. The homeowner has complete control over both the generation and the consumption of electricity.

Electrical power max. 5kW, supplied with High Efficient Solar Modules Maintenance Free GEL Batteries and 230VAC single phase Inverter. Supplied complete with metal construction for easy compact installation or rooftop.

Solar Off-Grid Electricity Solution is ideal for

Power for remote homes, cabins, camps and Boats - Small AC home - lights - Garden lights - CD/DVD player - TV - computer - printer/scanner - microwave - oven - vacuum cleaner - small refrigerator - 1/2 horse power pump to bring water to our house from the storage tank - Emergency power solar systems

Key Benefits

- Works fully automatically
- Producing your own electricity
- No monthly bills for your electric power
- Energy independence
- Energy security

Other Advantages

- No line voltage, trenching, or metering
- No electrical charges
- Battery back up for cloudy days
- Immune to power outages
- Easy to install

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