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TellCo Europe Sagl in Switzerland has a long term experience with designing of different lighting solutions, using the latest state of the art LED techniques allowed us to design various interesting lighting products as well.

Solar LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights, Public Safety and Billboards,
fully autonomous working using latest
solar electricity generation techniques.
No electricity required, No CO2 emissions

Solar LED Park Lights

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LED Lamp Head

TellCo Europe Sagl is supplying two main different LED lamp head types, the Standard LED Lamp Head 230VAC and the Double Butterfly Lamp Head 230VAC. Read more

LED Spot Light

LED Spot light is an unique product for direct illumination of defined spots or small areas.
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LED Industrial Light

LED industrial light is an interesting LED light solution for illumination from the ceiling into large public roofed areas. Read more

LED Flood Light

LED flood light is an unique product for illumination of defined areas. The flood light is built in a waterproof housing.
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LED Explosion Proof Lights

LED Explosion Proof Light is a special interesting LED light solution for illumination of petroleum, chemical flammable  explosive environments requiring safety lighting. Read more

Metal Halide Flood Lights

Floodlights for height light power applications. Certain applications require light power, which is  >140W Read more

Battery for LED Lighting

Maintenance Free GEL Batteries, available from 60Ahrs till 230Ahrs, 12V. Available from 60Ahrs till 230Ahrs, 12V. Gel electrolyte absorbed in glass fibre mat.Designed for 800 Deep Cycles, tested against IEC 896-2, proof against discharge, recyclable.Read more

Solar Panels

Solar Modules are Available from 20Wp till 300Wp, mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline with cell efficiency >17%. Read more

Smart Controller

Tellco Europe Smart Solar Light controller manages the charging of the battery. Automatic voltage detection 12 – 24VDC with built-in temperature compensation. Read more

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