Rainy Days Calculations(Survival)


In 2006 TellCo Europe Sagl started the development of the Solar Powered Streetlights. Since 2008 we have supplied these streetlights to various customers in Europe, South-America, the Caribbean and Africa. Due to the fact that the power of sunlight is not the same on the globe, TellCo Europe Sagl has developed the Rainy Days Calculation (or “RDC”) tool, using the solar radiation figures from the World Weather Institute.

The results of these RDC calculations are used in the design of the solar street and park lights, in order to bring the system into balance for location on the world map; which means that the system is able to operate at least 3 to 5 days autonomously, even when the weather is rainy or cloudy.

RDC Program

- The RDC tool can be used for each specific country or region, allowing TellCo Europe Sagl to design the solar Park- or Street Light system for every country and place on the globe.

- The RDC tool is a very accurate calculation system developed to get the correct number of solar panels and batteries for each country and place on the world map.

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