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TellCo Europe Sagl puts its strength on supply of Solar Lighting Solutions and Solar Electricity Solutions as well as the individual Lighting Products. The design of the TellCo Europe Sagl Solar Lighting Solutions contains the integration of High Power LED lights, high efficient Mono-Crystalline solar modules and maintenance free GEL batteries, all supervised and controlled by the SMART Controller. The individual lighting products are based on High Power LED Techniques, offering a high lumen per Watt, exceeding 100Lm/W.

Solar LED Street Lights


Heights available between 6 and 10 meter. Single arm or double arms, equipped with standard lamp head or double butterfly, LED power 20W to 80 Watt. High Efficient Mono-Crystalline Solar Modules Maintenance Free GEL batteries. Read more

Solar LED Park Lights


Heights available between 3 and 4 meter. Single arm or double arms, LED power 10W to 20 Watt. High Efficient Mono-Crystalline Solar Modules Maintenance Free GEL batteries. Read more

Solar LED Billboard Lights


The LED Spot or Floodlights in combination with the Solar Modules and maintenance Free GEL Batteries offer an excellent product for illumination of remote installed Billboards. Read more

Solar Public Safety Lights


Solar Led light solutions for small and dark walking streets with wall mounted Led lamp heads and solar modules installed central on rooftop or at secure floor level. Read more

Solar Off-Grid Electricity Solutions


Off-Grid electricity supply systems for remote homes.
Electricity power from 1kW to 5kW.Compact space requirement, easy installation. Read more

Solar LED Obstruction Lights


The Solar Powered Aviation Obstruction Light is available for medium-intensity and low-intensity. Read more

Remote Streetlight Control Systems


Remote monitoring and control of the solar powered street light. By using Wireless Technology
The system can generate and send notifications using Text Messaging or Emails. Read more

Rainy Days Calculations (Survival)


Due to the fact that the power of sunlight is not the same on the globe, TellCo Europe Sagl has developed the Rainy Days Calculation (or “RDC”)  tool, using the solar radiation figures from the World Weather Institute. Read more


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