Solar LED Street Lights


How does the LED solar light works?
The way it works is very intelligent: During the day time the Solar panels collect the daylight to generate electricity, which is stored in maintenance free deep cycle GEL batteries. These batteries are stored in a waterproof housing and placed underground besides the pole.

During sunset, when daylight slightly decreases, the internal SMART controller automatically switches the LED lamp on, but now powered form the electrical energy stored inside the batteries. At sunrise, as soon as the solar panels detect daylight, the SMART Controller automatically switches the LED lamp off and starts charging the batteries.

The expected “Survival” or the “Rainy Days Calculations” (RDC) of the TellCo Europe Sagl solar street lights are typically 3 to 5 days, but can be adapted to customer’s requirements for any location on the world map.

Solar LED street light is ideal for

Streets - Driveways - Parking lots - Parks - Campgrounds - Fair grounds - Athletic venues - Docks and marinas - Commercial properties - Housing developments - Gated communities - Business Park - School campus parking areas - Service stations

Key Benefits

- Latest Solar and LED Technology
- Depending on location 80W LED power is available
- LED life expectancy 50.00hrs (+10 years)
- Generates its own clean electricity
- 100% energy saving
- No CO2 Emission
- No electricity bills
- Increases the Quality of Life & Safety

Other Advantages

- No line voltage, trenching, or metering
- No electrical charges
- Battery back up for cloudy days
- Immune to power outages
- Easy to install
- Engineered for maintenance free operation
- LED Life expectancy +10 years
- CE- Certificate are available
- Max wind speed/load: ±180km/hour

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